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Why An AHS Warranty?


Don't wait until it breaks to ask...

Who Will I Call?

How Will I Pay For It?

An AHS warranty is a homeowner's best defense against expensive repair and replacement bills.

The American Home Shield Home Warranty is a service contract, which provides protection against the expense of repairing or replacing existing home appliances and mechanical systems which breakdown due to normal wear and tear. The home warranty plan is a one-year contract covering a multitude of systems and appliances needed for everyday life and no home inspection is required to enroll.* The contract covers household systems and appliances existing in your home today regardless of age, make or model.* The moment something breaks down, simply call our toll-free service line or make a service request via the AHS website and a local, pre-screened service technician will quickly contact you to schedule a mutually convenient appointment. You pay a modest trade service fee of $45 for each occurrence, regardless of the actual cost to repair or replace the broken item(s).* No more thumbing through the yellow pages looking for a reputable repair company, American Home Shield has already taken care of that hassle.


What is covered?

How much does it cost?

Several affordable plans available to fit your home and budget needs. Consider these expenses versus the annual contract fee for our home warranty :

You simply pay...

Low Annual Contract Price (One Year Plan) - Varies by location & plan, plus a $45 Trade Service Fee due each time service is rendered.*

* For a copy of the contract that details specific coverages, exclusions, or limitations call American Home Shield at 1-886-220-8531. Coverage excludes systems and appliances designated by the manufacturer as commercial. The trade service fee is for each visit by a service technician. Additional charges may apply to some repairs and replacements. Estimated Replacement Costs are based on a nationwide survey of AHS's independent network of service technicians who estimated the range of retail costs (from low to high) for the repairs and replacements listed. Pricing may vary in your geographic area.



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