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Flat Fee MLS Listing:

In a traditional real estate transaction the seller can expect to pay as much as 6 percent of the selling price to real estate listing agents. The listing agent typically offers half the total commission to other agents if they bring a buyer. With the Flat Fee MLS listing you pay a one time flat fee (no hidden fees) and save the listing commission. Your property information will be placed on your local Realtor MLS and get the exposure to sell your home faster and for a higher price in most cases...

This is the most cost-effective way to list your property on your local Realtor's (MLS) Multiple Listing Service, get the added exposure and save the Listing Commission.

The MLS (multiple listing service) is a database of property that is for sale, and is used exclusively by Realtors. It is the most powerful marketing tool for a homeowner. Realtors all pool their listings, so any property listed is available to all Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

The MLS is a list of homes that are currently on the market. The vast majority of Realtors participate in the MLS. Realtors learn through the MLS that your property is available, it's price and features. Being listed on the Realtors MLS enables you to take advantage of the power of thousands of Realtors in your area. That means more exposure for you!

As a real bonus, you retain the right to sell your home For Sale By Owner and if you find the buyer for your home, no commission is paid...

Did you know?


That the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is responsible for 75% of home sales!

You can take advantage of this powerful advertising medium without paying a high commission to real estate agents with Sunbelt Real Estate’s flat fee MLS service!

What's included in the $595 Flat Fee MLS Listing:


  • A Licensed Broker will put your Home in your local Realtors Multiple Listing Service
  • All the listing forms and disclosures you need will be provided by our local Broker.
  • You pay a Fixed Listing Fee of $595.00 instead of paying a listing commission.
  • Your home will be made available through the MLS to virtually every licensed real estate agent in the area, in addition to buyers worldwide via the Internet.
  • You have to offer the Realtors in your area 2-3% Buyers Agent Commission payable at closing. (you pick the commission amount)
  • You retain the right to sell your home yourself (For Sale By Owner) paying no commission if you find the buyer yourself.
  • Your listing is uploaded to all the local Realtor web sites for more exposure.
  • Free Real Estate Sign.
  • Free National and worldwide exposure from your listing placed on website that includes a color picture and property information.
  • Statistics shows that homes listed on the MLS sell faster.



FACT: Less than 7% of listing agents actually sell the homes they list. Why? Because they  put it on the MLS and attract thousands of buyer agents.

FACT: Eighty-Seven percent of home buyers use a Realtor® to locate a property.

FACT: The flat fee listing method lists your property on the same MLS as the local Realtors.  You can put the power of the MLS to work for you.

FACT: This cost-effective method is highly successful and you retain control.

FACT: You sign an EAL agreement, in most areas, which means if you sell your home       yourself without a Realtor® involved you don't owe any commissions.

FACT: One hundred percent of Realtors use the MLS database to search for buyers.

FACT: If a Realtor is involved, in selling your home, as a buyers agent you only pay the  buyer agent commission. No Listing commission.

FACT: The buyers agents fee is negotiable in most areas.

FACT: You will save a tremendous amount of money no matter how your home sells.

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