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Are You Selling Your Own Home?
We Believe An AHS Home Warranty Can Help You :



Sell Faster


Because it provides a competitive edge over other homes on the market and states confidence to the buyer.




Sell for a Higher Price


Because when the buyer has confidence in your home, it discourages downward price bargaining.




Sell with Less Inconvenience


Because after you have moved out and the buyer has a mechanical or systems problem, they will call AHS, not you, offering you after-sale liability protection.


What is an AHS Home Warranty?
A one year American Home Shield home warranty repairs or replaces an existing home's covered systems and major built-in appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear.


The typical AHS customer uses their warranty plan an average of 2.3 times each year. This translates into security for the home buyer.


AHS has three service centers nationwide that process 15,000 calls each day - that's over five million calls a year for service that AHS handles so home seller's don't have to!


By providing home warranty coverage from American Home Shield, sellers can more closely achieve their objectives and buyers are protected from unforeseen covered repair/replacement costs.


How Does It Work?
After you sell your home, if a covered system or appliance breaks down, the homeowner calls one place, American Home Shield, and we help take care of the rest.


Here's what happens :



The homeowner calls AHS or logs on to our online service site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to request service.




AHS will contact a local, licensed and pre-screened technician.




The service technician will contact the homeowner to schedule a mutually convenient time to diagnose the problem.


It's that easy! AHS has spent over $560 million nationally in repair/replacement costs in the last five years. Please call sunbelt at 1-856-751-3799 to order an AHS Home Warranty. Payment is not due until closing, and your buyers will thank you for years to come.



For more information call Sunbelt Today at 856-751-3799:



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